Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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AutoInsuranceMonitor.com facilitates its client’s decision in determining what coverage options are best for them by providing FREE auto insurance quotes. All advice, opinions, and stats are provided by third parties as is. No guarantee is given to the validity of this information nor to its relation to any individual circumstance. All material is copy written by AutoInsuranceMonitor.com or third party provider which has given consent to its use on this site. None of the graphics, logos or protected items on AutoInsuranceMonitor.com can be reused, distributed, or copied without prior written consent. All links to AutoInsuranceMonitor.com from other sites must also be approved beforehand.

All quotes and policy comparisons are provided solely by the insurer and are subject to change without warning. Any quote obtained is not a guarantee from the provider that that particular policy or rate will be available for purchase. All quotes are based on the information which you provided and the insurer’s underwriting policies. In order to purchase any policy advertised you must complete the insurer’s coverage application. After your application is reviewed and re-evaluated the exact quote for coverage will be made. This process may result in lower or higher than expected premiums.

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