Auto Insurance in New Orleans

You and Your Auto Insurance: Driving in New Orleans

From Mardi Gras to Bourbon Street, New Orleans, otherwise known as N’Awlins, is a city of continual interest! So, here are some auto insurance points to help you more pleasurably experience Louisiana’s living city. Let’s see if we can reduce the hassle of some unforeseen coverage questions, and you maybe even pocket some dosh.

Collision and comprehensive coverages reflect a vehicle’s market value along with repair costs in the event of damage. This is a bit different than your homeowner policy. FYI: During a market downturn, even if your home decreases in value, make sure your coverage is sufficient to cover the costs to rebuild your home rather than only cover the market value to keep you protected. We certainly honor this here.

Tips and factors to consider to save on your auto insurance premium

A deductible is the amount of money on a claim that you are responsible for prior to what your insurance company covers. Deductibles are generally in the amount of $500 or $1,000. Remember, if your deductible is higher, what you initially pay on a claim, your premium will be lower.

Reasonably adjust your deductible. Re-quote your policy changing a $500 deductible to $1,000. This simple adjustment often saves you up to 25% on auto policy premiums. Make sure that in the event of an accident or claim, you are able to afford your deductible. Do not put yourself in the no-car poorhouse by not being able to afford your deductible.

Other tips for reducing your Louisiana car insurance rates, if you drive in New Orleans

  • Learn how population, areas with higher traffic density, and per capita income can affect your premium. Simply, the denser your population and the higher your traffic density, the higher your rates. Work your zip code with your agent.
  • Ask your agent if there are good driver discounts. Do your part and let your auto insurance premium reflect that. Call your insurance company periodically to see about new offers or benefits. Keep your policy current and fresh as it can be.
  • Explore payment options. How often do you pay? Paying more but less frequently may reduce your premium as your insurance company charges you less to administer your policy.
  • Consider dropping collision and/or comprehensive coverage(s) on cars that are older non-collectible models or are worth smaller amounts, typically less than $1,000. Auto insurance companies typically recommend carrying covering of a standard minimum of $100,000 bodily injury protection per person, with $300,000 coverage per accident.
  • If you get a ticket, you may be required to take a class or attend a seminar. Capitalize on this and notify your insurance company to let them know of the program, seminar, or certification you now have. They may extend a reduction in premium or other benefit.
  • Ask about student discounts. Have kids with good grades? Your insurance company may reward you. Your attentiveness can carry over to reflect what they can expect from your driving performance.
  • Multi-policy discounts are often offered when grouped with the same insurer. Combine your renters, life and auto policies. You will generally see savings. Ask about your other policies, too.

Enjoy driving in New Orleans!