Auto Insurance in Miami

You and Your Auto Insurance: Driving in Miami

Miami is a recognized leader in commerce, finance, arts, entertainment, media and cultural diversity. In 2010, Miami ranked seventh in the nation in these areas. Heralded as “America’s Cleanest City” by Forbes Magazine in 2008, Miami was also ranked the richest United States city. Miami has been known as the “Cruise Capitol of the World” for decades.

There are wonderful sights to see in Miami, but keep your eyes open! Unfortunately, the city has been hit with a high number of phony automobile accidents.

What to watch out for

If someone waves you into traffic and something about the situation feels odd, trust your instincts to help you avoid setups. This is a common trick by crooks who are just waiting for an innocent victim to sideswipe, and then later claim they never waved you into traffic.

Keep your eyes open to better enjoy the sights while eliminating the chance of becoming a victim of a Miami auto insurance scam.

Staged accident scams affect the cost of your Florida auto insurance premiums.

In addition to phony accidents, identify theft in the U.S. is becoming an epidemic.

With an increase in identity theft, it pays to keep a close watch on your credit history. As instances of fraud factor into Florida auto insurance rates, keep yourself up to date in regard to your credit and financial information. Contact your credit card company and credit reporting agencies the minute you notice any unusual activity.

If you have been a victim of identity theft and it has affected your credit rating, you will need to find an auto insurance company in Miami that doesn’t take your credit into account. This will involve shopping for an insurer who doesn’t use credit history.

How to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft:

  • Keep yourself up to date in regard to your credit and financial information. Obtain current credit reports showing your credit score from the three credit bureaus.  Review them for accuracy.
  • Go through bills and credit-related statements in detail. Questionable charges? Report even small one. Big problems can start out small.
  • Inventory your purse or wallet. How much information could a thief get from it? Make it a policy to only carry extra credit cards, ATM or debit cards when you plan on using them.
  • Keep your passport, Social Security card and birth certificate in a secure location in your home or in a safe deposit box. Only have them with you if you are going to need to use them — like when you travel.
  • Strongly protect your Social Security number. Putting it on checks or as an online password is not a good idea. Avoid giving it out unless you are absolutely certain that it is a legitimate reason.  If asked for it on the telephone, instruct them that if they are who they say they are, then they should already have it on file. Odds are they will hang up.
  • Buy a shredder. Throwing away documents is dangerous. Shred them instead.
  • Obtain your credit report. It is available to you free once per year at

Keep up to date with your personal information. It can be a great asset to protect your security.

Drive safely and enjoy Miami!