Auto Insurance in Las Vegas

You and Your Auto Insurance: Driving in Las Vegas

Las Vegas—bright lights, big city, and oh! all those casinos. But did you know Las Vegas was born at a land auction in 1905 with a sale of 110 acres of land in what is now downtown Las Vegas? In 1959, the world-famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign made its debut.

And the party continues. In 2010, for the 17th year in a row, Las Vegas was named “The Number 1 Trade Show Destination.”

In addition to trade shows, Las Vegas houses some 19,000 conventions annually.  With all this tourist traffic, you can be sure to experience a whole range of driving styles, which makes it that much more important not to gamble with your Nevada auto insurance policy coverage.

The state of Nevada requires drivers to carry liability insurance or post a bond to drive in the state. Proof of auto insurance is required both to register your vehicle and to renew your driver’s license. There is no gambling with auto insurance in Nevada.  If you are cited for driving without auto insurance coverage, you’ll be assessed large fines and may have your driving privileges suspended.

Rather than betting with an auto insurance policy, let’s take a look at a few simple things you can do with your policy to stack the deck in your favor, while protecting you and your automobile.

In 2006 ,when Las Vegas held the #1 national spot for auto theft, the city  pro-actively instituted bait vehicles with advanced tracking systems to catch thieves.  These program has been widely successful. But motorists still need to remain vigilant. The high tourist traffic and fast-paced environment in Las Vegas amplifies the problem of auto theft.  Do your research at the Las Vegas Police Department site or simply give them a call to understand the best areas to park your vehicle that have the lowest theft and vandalism risks.

Protecting yourself with full auto insurance coverage including Comprehensive and Collision, is advisable in this fast-paced environment.  Also, make sure you can afford your deductibles to better protect yourself in the event of theft or damage.

Your most inexpensive driving asset is to drive defensively and carefully to help avoid tickets and reduce your chances of getting into an accident.  And on this note, it goes without saying, party hearty, but do not drink and get behind the wheel.

The best bet to protect your vehicle during your stay in Las Vegas is to rent one instead, while yours is protected at home.  Simply make sure that your auto insurance policy or coverage from the credit card you use for your rental is sufficient to provide proper coverage. Speak with your credit card company and/or contact your auto insurance agent before leaving home to ensure that you have adequate coverage while renting a car, otherwise it’s wise to purchase the insurance coverage that the rental car company offers.

Las Vegas is city like no other. Enjoy all it has to offer. Drive defensively, drive wisely and most of all, enjoy driving in Las Vegas!



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