Auto Insurance in Denver

You and Your Auto Insurance: Driving in Denver

Denver, Colorado is known as the Mile High City with a recorded elevation of 5,280 feet above sea level. In order for auto theft rates not to be so high, too, Colorado has instituted the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority (CATPA).  Annually on their auto insurance policy, Colorado residents see a $1 fee.  This annual fee funds CATPA grants for prevention of auto theft.  Since its launch in 2003 stolen vehicle figures in Colorado have nearly been cut in half, going from 22,699 to 12,182. Nationally, Denver ranks #63 in regards to automobile theft.

Let’s look at automobile theft, the myths vs. the facts to help you protect yourself more wisely. More information can be found at the links at the end of this article.

Is it impossible to totally avoid being a victim?

To completely avoid an auto theft may not be possible if only a single layer of protection is used. Install an anti-theft device? Park only in secure areas? These are smart ideas, but only provide one kind of protection.  Car alarms can be disabled by thieves, even in broad  daylight in highly trafficked places. Additional protection layers for your a vehicle increase the difficulty of stealing it, and the more visible they are the better.

Automobile Theft Myths

Myth #1: The majority of thefts happen in unsecured areas.

This sounds like common sense, but parking in an unsecured area does not really affect the likeliness of a vehicle being stolen. The FBI report “Crime in the United States” indicates more automobile thefts occur closer to home. Lliterally, one-third of automobile thefts occur at a home / residence.  Compare this statistic with only two out of 10 automobile thefts occurring in a parking lot / parking structure. Highways, roads, and alleys,even if you include carjacking, are the areas with the least number of automobile thefts.

Myth #2: Vehicles that are stolen are usually found.

Believing that a stolen automobile is going to be found eventually can be a false assumption. When a vehicle is missing for longer than six days, even more so. Approximately half of all stolen automobiles are recovered. The first few days are the most critical. But, a recovered automobile also may be  totaled.  The highest days of theft are Friday and Saturday. The highest days of recovery are Monday and Tuesday.

Auto insurance premiums are affected by a great many things.  As automobile theft is on the increase, it factors into insurance rates. Keep up to date with your automobile security  across the board.  Review your policy once a year to make sure you have the proper coverages and are comfortable with what will and won’t be covered in the case of theft.  Your insurance can be a great asset toward maintaining financial security in the event your automobile is stolen. The NICB recommends a layered approach, with multiple systems, to better protect your vehicle.

Enjoy driving in Denver!



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