Auto Insurance in Cleveland

You and Your Auto Insurance: Driving in Cleveland

Cleveland is home to the home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the West Side Market and a multitude of great restaurants and galleries, in addition to many vibrant community-wide initiatives. If your tastes run more to classical music than rock n’ roll, you can listen to the world-famous Cleveland Orchestra at the wonderful Severance Hall. Many great things to do in Cleveland!

Auto insurance premiums are affected by a great many things, too. As identity theft has become a big problem worldwide, having your identity stolen can impact the cost of your Ohio auto insurance premiums. Many companies look at your credit ranking when evaluating your car insurance rate. So if you become a identity fraud statistic, it is apt to influence the cost of insuring your vehicle.

Protect your information

With one of the ways that crooks steal a person’s identify, being your Ohio auto insurance ID card, destroy any old car insurance identification cards by cutting them up. Do not just throw away! You’ll increase your chance of becoming a victim.

You protect your credit cards, debit cards and online accounts. You need to be protecting your car insurance ID card. In addition to stealing an individual’s driver’s license and/or Social Security cards, auto insurance cards are being used to steal a person’s identity. Expired auto insurance cards can be utilized to make false insurance documents, or worse. Your auto insurance card can possibly be used to start, “I need to transfer my policy that just expired,” and start a new policy in your name with another insurance company.

  • Ask, and look.

How profitable might your glove box be? What will a thief find in there? Simply an owner’s manual? Or, is it a mobile filing cabinet of ways to impersonate you? Secure your identity by not leaving your identification accessible to crooks.

  • Protect yourself by knowing where you are.

Do not throw things that could be used to make a look-alike-you into the trash. Store them securely or destroy them properly. Better protect yourself from identity theft by being aware.  If you can use it to get something, a thief may be able to, too.

Phishing, online scams and bogus callers

Reduce your chances of becoming an ID theft victim, by not taking the bait. There are other ways crooks steal information. Here are several methods to watch for:

  • Fraudulent e-mails and websites can look all too real. Does someone ask you to provide your account info, to verify passwords? It is your information. Question them.
  • Protect your passwords, your personal identification numbers (PIN): Make them hard to guess. Make a different one for each of your accounts. Change them regularly. Do not use birthdays, addresses, or the last 4 of your Social Security number. These make puzzle pieces for thieves to piece together.

Keep up to date with your personal information across the board. It can be a great asset toward protecting the security of your identity.

Now that you’ve protected your identity, enjoy all that Cleveland has to offer!