Auto Insurance in Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina’s largest metropolitan area, began in 1748 as a tiny, colonial settlement called Charlottetowne.  In 1762, it was renamed Charlotte for the British queen Charlotte Sophia, and its county was renamed Mecklenburg to honor the German region where she was born.  Those same colonists drafted Mecklenburg’s Declaration of Independence which was signed on May 20, 1775. This was a major contributor to setting the Revolutionary War in motion.

As Charlotte hunkered down, but eventually became part of a free nation, sometimes you simply have to do what you need to do, especially in tough times.

In tough times, it’s more important than ever to work with an auto insurance company you can trust. Heed their wisdom and work together to cut the fat; say no to any auto insurance coverages you have researched and found you don’t need. In that way, you’ll be contributing to your financial freedom.

Ever hear your insurance agent tell you something like, “Insurance is what it is. If you have more insurance, you have more insurance. Less is not more?” And then promptly head into showing you where your coverage levels need to be increased. Now, the majority of auto insurance are honest and forthright. They’re interested in having a solid, long-term relationship with you and not just sell you additional insurance.

But be wary of the agent who is more interested in increasing your coverage than they are interested in building a relationship based on trust.

Tough economic times can make life an “it is what it is” situation, where your answer may have to be “no.”  Don’t bite through your bit, but learn the best places to say “no” on your insurance coverage if you need to pare down.  You are looking to prosper, right?  Let’s see if it is possible to lower your coverage levels to get a better deal.

So, are you experiencing tough times like much of the country? Is keeping a roof over your head a struggle?  For you, spending too much on auto insurance isn’t an option. If you see a steep insurance premium increase, it’s time to go over your coverages with a fine-toothed comb.

Let’s look at how to trim some fat on your coverage to make it more affordable:

Medical insurance.  If you do not live in a no-fault state and you have health insurance already, you may not need extra medical coverage on your auto insurance policy. Discuss this with your North Carolina auto insurance agent.

Rental car coverage.  It can be great if your car breaks down when you’re thousands of miles from home, but how often are you that far away? Alternate arrangements can generally be made for the several days your car is out of commission.

Emergency roadside assistance.  Check AAA. Joining AAA protects you will you’re on the road and may be cheaper than adding emergency roadside assistance to your auto insurance policy.

Coverage levels. Is your policy coverage or overkill? Weigh what you can afford with what your agent says you need above required minimums. If you can’t pay your premium, a lapse puts you in a higher risk bracket.  Make sure you are covered and are able to afford continuous coverage.  Minimums are generally $100,000 and $300,000 for bodily injury liability.  Look at adding property damage at $100,000 and call it a day.  If you have more than that, odds are you can cut it back.

Comprehensive and Collision.  Carrying comprehensive/collision auto insurance coverage is a very good idea, unless you have enough money to go out and buy a car outright for cash.

Covering yourself with an auto insurance policy you can afford is a given.  Keep it continuous.  Let those two ideas be your co-pilot on the way to finding the best value in your auto insurance policy.

Enjoy arriving at your destinations in Charlotte safely!



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