Auto Insurance in Baltimore

You and Your Auto Insurance: Driving in Baltimore

Baltimore was named one of the Top 10 Harbors by “Coastal Living.” It was also named a “Top 10 City of the Future” by FDI Magazine. Before you drive safely in this celebrated city’s atmosphere, experience the great sights, and further experience the wonderfully progressive, down-to-earth spirit of Baltimore, enjoy these auto insurance tips. Here are some of the factors that affect your auto insurance premium. By saving your hard-earned money, you can enjoy Baltimore even more.

Factors that affect your auto insurance premium

Statistical probabilities about accidents are utilized by auto insurance companies to generate your insurance premium.

Your age and gender. These are two of the most important pieces of your insurance premium puzzle. Older and younger drivers are considered higher risks.

Other statistics that impact your Maryland auto insurance rates:

  • Drivers under age 25 top the charts as the highest risk group.
  • Drivers between the ages of 50 and 65 hold the title for the safest group.
  • And, gender? Statistics indicate that women hold this safer driver title.

Your marital status. Studies indicate that married couples are more stable, predictable and in the overall, are safer drivers. Have recently tied the knot? Make sure to update your policy for a lower premium.

Graduating from college or acquiring an advanced degree. Higher education often translates to a lower premium.

Your occupation.  Is it high risk? The level of risk might be a factor in your premiums. Shop around. See how your profession is viewed.

Your credit rating. Similar to good grades, insurance providers often see your attentiveness and success in this area as a factor that relates to your reliability as a driver. Has your credit recently improved? Get credit for that. Call your insurance company to reduce your premium.

How long have you been driving? What is your driving history? Tickets and claims, reckless driving and DUI all affect your premium. Ask your insurance provider about available driver’s courses. Once completed you may see a reduced premium. And, starting now, drive more safely to move to qualify for good driver discounts.

Mileage. Do you drive to work in Baltimore? Car used for recreation or work? The more miles you drive in Baltimore, the higher your premium.  If you have neighbors or close friends that work near you, consider carpooling to reduce the amount of miles you drive.  It is good for the environment, and may be even better for your premium.  If you have a garage, use it. Let your insurance company know. Garaged cars mean lower premiums.

Zip code. What is the make and model of your vehicle? Its age? These factor into your premium. Ask to compare rates in your area. Ask when your vehicle will be considered for a lower premium. Did you recently pay off your note? Update your policy.

Safety devices.  Have you installed Air bags? Anti-lock brakes? Car alarm or anti-theft device? Let these protect your wallet and reduce your premium.

Your deductible. Last but certainly not least, are you a safe driver? Look to change your deductible. This simple change, say from a $500 to a $1000 deductible? You may see up to a 25% in savings on your premium.

Hope these factors were helpful. Enjoy driving in Baltimore!