Auto Insurance in Albuquerque

You and Your Auto Insurance: Driving in Albuquerque

The authentic Southwest awaits you in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Whether you arrive to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage or are here to soak up the uniquely blue skies and 310 days of yearly sunshine, there will be something for everyone to do.

Albuquerque, in the high desert with air scented by piñon and sage, embodies an enchanting and memorable destination with plenty of variety.  You can browse authentic Native American jewelry, site-see from above in a hot air balloon, experience a myriad of museums, take the world’s longest tram to the top of the Sandia Mountains and enjoy plenty of festivals and events and festivals.  The local cuisines are renowned. The area golf courses, many of which are world-class, give you a sample of the expansive land.

Just like Albuquerque has all of your vacation needs covered, your auto insurance needs to provide complete coverage, too.  And, coverage for auto theft is of primary importance in Albuquerque.

Do your part and review your auto insurance policy.  Consider purchasing optional into Comprehensive coverage.  It can help you protect your vehicle from the auto insurance side of things by covering it if it is stolen.

New Mexico ranks high in incidents of auto theft and unfortunately, Albuquerque is a hotbed for stolen cars. New Mexico ranks 8th when it comes to the highest average annual auto insurance premiums, and auto theft is a factor. The state borders Mexico on the south. Its adjacent location to an international border introduces the opportunity for theft and transport to Mexico.

Generally, there are three primary reasons that vehicles are stolen here:

  • To be used for a joy ride
  • To be disassembled and sold off as parts
  • To be driven over the border into Mexico and sold

Though you can help protect your vehicle with security devices and anti-theft devices in an attempt to thwart would-be auto thieves, Albuquerque has taken a very pro-active and hands-on approach to curb auto theft.

The Albuquerque Police Department (APD) Crime Prevention Unit utilizes Vehicle Information Cards (V.I.C.).  They are available to the public, and are used to record important vehicle identification  information.  The purpose of the VIC’s is to assist victims in reporting vital vehicle information quickly.  They start the recovery process before an officer even arrives to file a report.

The most direct and hands-on of Albuquerque’s approaches is the innovative use of bait vehicles.  Vehicles in the highest stolen vehicle risk categories are equipped with sophisticated devices to track them.  Once stolen, the thieves can be more easily followed and apprehended.  This method has led to taking more lone car thieves off the streets, and also to busts of some larger for-profit auto theft operations.

In regards to what you can do to assist preventing auto theft, use highly visible security deterrents like steering wheel locks and ignition kill switches.  After so many false alarms through the years, loud car alarm noises do not call enough attention to deter thieves as much anymore.  Some thieves even wear earplugs.  To prevent your car from being towed, always park with your wheels to the curb and apply your emergency brake.

The overall goal to prevent auto theft is to put layers of protection in place.  Albuquerque works hard to stay on top of its anti-theft programs.  Do your part with your auto insurance.



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