Roadside Assistance: What Your Should Know

Roadsite AssistanceRoadside Assistance offers drivers peace of mind…and a 5-gallon gas can

Veteran road warriors know that nothing ruins a day more than getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Except probably driving in the rain and running out of gas in the middle of nowhere.

Oh Wait…there is also the “being in such a hurry to get on time to an appointment” occasion that a road warrior locks their car keys inside the car.

Each situation could be considered either a nightmare or a minor inconvenience depending on one thing – Roadside Assistance.

And Roadside Assistance programs have become so ubiquitous that most car makers now include them as part of a new car’s warranty.

But drivers don’t need to buy a new car to enjoy the benefits of Roadside Assistance. They simply need ask their insurance company since all the top auto insurance companies offer it in some form or another.

The benefits may be different depending on the program and the insurance company but most Roadside Assistance programs typically offer drivers the following five benefits:

  • Emergency Refueling – Drivers trying to squeeze the last fumes out of their tank sometimes don’t quite make it. For them Roadside Assistance programs offer emergency fuel typically up to 5-gallons. Also covers car fluids such as water or antifreeze, if needed.
  • Free Towing – Mechanical breakdown requiring a vehicle to be towed to a garage are only a phone call away with most Roadside Assistance programs. Depending on the auto insurance company, some of the programs cover towing up to 15 miles of the breakdown and some will take the car farther.
  • Flats– Stay put and let a qualified mechanic replace the flat tire.
  • Emergency Locksmith – Whether a driver’s keys are locked inside the vehicle or simply lost, drivers are covered with Roadside Assistance. However, there may be a fee if the keys need to be replaced.
  • Battery Boost – RSA programs also typically cover dead batteries that need a boost.

While the above emergencies are typically covered under most Roadside Assistance, some auto insurance companies go even further providing such services as trip planning, legal advice and even bail bondsmen, if needed. Some Roadside Assistance program upgrades, such as Nationwide’s, also give drivers 100 miles of towing, car rental reimbursement and even cover meals and lodging if a driver is stranded.

Auto insurance companies such as Allstate even offer several Roadside Assistance programs for drivers that aren’t even their policy holders through their Allstate Motor Club similar to the old school AAA Auto Club which is famous for its Roadside Assistance program and AAA-card carrying members.

The beauty of these programs is that they are available rain, sleet or snow, 24/7. The services they provide are simply a phone call away, day or night and they don’t take the holidays or weekends off. Some of the programs such as AAA’s even allow drivers to request assistance online.

Roadside Assistance also represents one of the best investments a driver can make with drivers paying a nominal fee for coverage, allowing the coverage to literally pay for itself. For example, the cost for emergency towing for a driver without Roadside Assistance can run between $50- $100, depending on the city. Drivers with GEICOs Roadside Assistance pay less than $20 to cover one car per year and no additional charges apply for extra drivers.

Nationwide, GEICO and Allstate insurance companies can all be found at which offers drivers the ability to search for quotes by state whether they hail from the Aloha State or the Lone Star State.

The site also has answers to most auto insurance FAQs on everything from the cheapest cars to insure to useful advice on auto insurance for seniors.