Personal Liability Insurance

Personal Liability InsurancePersonal Liability Insurance protects families when other auto insurance coverage runs dry.

It’s said that America is a nation of laws. As such, the country has become one of the litigious countries in the world and it’s even estimated that over 100 lawsuits an hour are filed in courtrooms across America.

In such a climate, one of the best ways for families to protect their assets is through personal liability insurance.

Commonly called “umbrella coverage” (cue the rain cliché here…), personal liability coverage steps in when a typical insurance policy is exhausted, giving drivers an additional cushion of insurance coverage that goes beyond their current car insurance policy.

For example, a driver who has $200,000 in auto insurance coverage has a major at-fault auto accident, causing injuries to several other drivers and property, with damages exceeding their auto insurance coverage. Once their coverage limits have been exhausted, the injured parties will most likely turn to litigation to recoup expenses from lost wages or rehab costs, for example.

In absence of personal liability coverage, the at-fault driver’s entire estate could be in jeopardy.

But Personal injury liability protects everything from sports equipment to laptops, fur coats to digital cameras, ensuring a driver isn’t left penniless after an at-fault accident.

Any driver with substantial assets can benefit from personal liability coverage. And in the unfortunate event that litigation is brought forward against a driver with personal liability insurance, an attorney will be provided by the insurer to provide representation.

Another unique feature of personal liability coverage is that it also protects drivers from defamation or libel lawsuits which traditional policies do not cover. Even slander and plagiarism lawsuits would be covered.

The cost of a personal liability insurance policy provides a great investment for families with the average cost of a million-dollar policy costing less than $1 a day.