Best Auto Insurance for Military Personnel

Auto Insurance for US Military PersonnelFrom Air Force to Navy, Army to Marines, discounts and special features are available on Military Auto Insurance

One of the more common myths surrounding auto insurance is that members of the Armed Forces pay more for coverage than their civilian counterparts.

Auto Insurance is here to say that is simply not true. From sailors to soldiers, it doesn’t matter what branch of the Armed Forces a driver is from, discounts on military auto insurance are available and they typically extend to retired military members and those currently serving the Nation.

Military auto insurance earns the typical discounts, such as those on safety features like auto seatbelts, but military members are also eligible for a few more special considerations and discounts from military-friendly insurers like Allstate and GEICO.

For example, just for being a current or retired Armed Forces member can earn drivers almost 15 % percent off premiums on military auto insurance. Additionally, National Guardsmen and Reservists are also commonly given the same discounts.

Another unique discount on auto insurance for military members is they can get an additional discount when they are deployed to danger zones.

Members of professional military associations such as the Marine Corps League or the Association of the United States Army can also save on military auto insurance.

And military-friendly insurers recognize that military members work under unique circumstances, such as being deployed at a moment’s notice, and work with them though special military auto insurance considerations.

American Family Insurance, for example, allows deployed soldiers and sailors pause their military auto insurance policy for the time they are on deployment. Previously, this “breach” in car coverage would mean that a military member may be charged a higher rate or lost some portion of their military discount even though they weren’t in America driving their car.

For those military members returning from the wars that are winding down, Allstate began relaxing their policy guidelines for those veterans whose military auto insurance expired because of their deployment, treating the coverage lapse as if they had continuous coverage, allowing them to avoid any penalties or higher rates.

Taking military auto insurance one step further though is GEICO with their Military Assistance Team. The group is made up of military veterans and retirees with their only goal to make military auto insurance easy to navigate for members of the Armed Forces.

So while cost is always important when it comes to auto insurance for military families, military members should also seek out a car insurance company that can identify with their special insurance requirements and needs and ask a few questions.

Does the company offer a military markdown on auto insurance for military members? Is a deployment waiver available? Does the insurer offer a discount on emergency deployments to danger zones?

Those are just a few questions that military members should ask before purchasing military auto insurance and they should always comparison shop for the best combination of premiums and special considerations.

Military members can also turn to more experienced soldiers, NCOs or COs for advice on what insurer offers the best discounts and options on military auto insurance.

Another great source for information on auto insurance for military members is the Internet’s premier car insurance site –

The insurance site offers military members the ability to get various auto coverage quotes in just five minutes from highly regarded and military-friendly insurers like Allstate and GEICO, two insurers that not only offer big savings to military members but also understand the special circumstances that those in uniform face while they serve.