Major Auto Insurance Companies – Why Choose Them ?

Major auto insurance companies offer you peace of mind … and cute geckos

They’ve got a bubbly cashier named Flo, magic jingles, sensitive cavemen and athletic woodchucks, and even a former television president of the United States. Who are they? They’re America’s major auto insurance companies but cute geckos and million dollar ad campaigns aren’t the only things they bring to the world of auto insurance.

Unlike so many of the ubiquitous low-quality car insurance companies out there, major auto insurance companies offer tangible qualities such as high savings and intangible ones like peace of mind, two important qualities important to savvy consumers before their vehicle is stolen or they have a car wreck.

But there are other factors why smart drivers should choose a major auto insurance provider:

  • Quality Customer Service – Major auto insurance sites on the Internet are accessible day and night, allowing wired consumers to get the latest details about their policy or even chat with an online representative about insurance policy questions. Well-staffed phone centers are also available 24/7 with the majors if you want to reach out and phone them.
  • Regulation Compliance – The majors are more likely to be knowledgeable and compliant with a state’s insurance regulations over start-up providers and smaller out-of-state competitors.
  • Online Purchases and More – Consumers never had it easier or more convenient to buy insurance online through major auto insurance companies since drivers can now buy a car insurance policy online and even print an ID card without ever leaving home. They also have the options of phoning or even visiting a local agent in most cases to purchase a policy.
  • Variety of Insurance Products – These major companies also often offer insurance for boats, motorcycles, homes and even classic cars. Some of them even offer roadside assistance for free.
  • Steep Savings – The majors typically offer better discounts to smart drivers who drive safely, stay traffic-ticket free or are members of associations like the Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons (AARP). Savings can also be found through them by bundling policies such as for a home and car. Majors also offer discounts for students with good grades or members of the Boys or Girls Scouts.

Some of the major auto insurance companies that are consistently ranked high with consumers for their combination of affordability, discounts, great customer service and steep savings include AAA, 21st Century, Nationwide, American Family, Progressive, Esurance and GEICO.

These major auto insurance companies and more can be found at which is a premier umbrella site for busy drivers no matter what type of insurance and coverage they are looking to buy. The site allows drivers to quickly get quotes from multiple majors and will even match them with the best major car insurance providers in their state, allowing them to easily shop for the most reasonable rates.