Claiming a Hit-and-Run – What to Do

Claiming a Hit-and-Run – What to Do

Victims of hit-and-run traffic accidents know the feelings of frustration and hopelessness that accompany such incidents. However what a driver does after the accident could go a long way to filing a successful insurance claim.

This is easier said than done but drivers should try and gather all the information possible about the accident. What type of car was it? Think about the color, the car’s make and model. Which direction did it go? What did the driver look like? Did anyone witness the accident? If so, get their name and phone number in case they need to be contacted later.

Contact the police and file a report. This should be done even if the driver feels there isn’t enough information. Insurers may not even process a claim without this but having one will most definitely speed the claims process.

Drivers or their passengers with any injuries should immediately seek medical attention since it would be difficult to retroactively file an insurance claim for injuries.

Also, filing a claim assumes that the victims of a hit-and-run accident have either collision coverage or uninsured motorist coverage.

Drivers only carrying their state’s minimum insurance requirements, usually only liability insurance, will have to pay for any damages to their car out of their own pockets.

However before a hit-and-run accident strikes drivers should familiarize themselves with their policy and insurance coverage options to know exactly how to deal with it before it happens.