Ways to Save on Car Insurance For Unemployed Drivers

Nip and tuck coverage and other savvy ways to save on car insurance for unemployed drivers

Recently unemployed drivers know that cutting back on spending is an absolute must in these uncertain times and performing economic triage is essential to successfully navigating these rough waters.

While cutting back on spending – Goodbye Starbucks! Hello Sanka! – is a good way to start shoring up the finances, another area unemployed Americans can look at for savings is by re-evaluating their auto insurance coverage to identify any potential savings and tweaking car insurance for unemployed drivers is easy by looking at a few factors.

  • Review the Miles – Since premiums are typically formulated on the type of driving done, car insurance for unemployed drivers changes when the car goes from being a daily driver to a driveway obstacle. Fewer miles could mean more savings so drivers should contact their insurance company to match their premiums to the lower miles being driven. Also, failing to notify the insurer of a change in employment status could render the car insurance for the unemployed driver null and void so it would be wise to check the policy’s fine print regarding this.
  • Review the coverage options – Is comprehensive car insurance for unemployed drivers an absolute must? What about the car rental option? Or collision? When reviewing the costs of car insurance for unemployed motorists all of the policy’s frills or extras need to be reviewed for possible savings since they can always be added back when a driver’s employment situation improves.
  • Shop Around – Needing auto insurance for the unemployed driver is an opportune time to check out an insurer’s competition. For example, Progressive insurance offers drivers the opportunity of telling the company what they want to shell out on the coverage they want.
  • Upgrade Safety – Big savings are available on auto insurance for the unemployed when they have to trade in the Benz for the Sienna simply by choosing a car loaded with safety features. For example, cars with full-front air bags or driver-side ones mean deep discounts.
  • Brag About It – Car insurance for the unemployed can be cheaper when drivers with super clean driving records tell their insurers since most major insurance companies offer a good driver discount.
  • Affiliation Discounts – Just because a driver is unemployed doesn’t mean they can’t be proud of who they are. In fact, insurers such as GEICO offer discounts to almost 300 partner organizations.
  • Consolidate Coverage – Companies such as Allstate offer discounts for multiple policies so combining home insurance and car insurance for the unemployed driver could mean big discounts since Allstate lets consumers combine multiple discounts also.
  • Keep Paying the Bills – Think twice about letting a good credit rating fall since nothing raises premiums on car insurance for unemployed drivers more than poor credit score.

So while it may be tempting to eliminate coverage completely, car insurance for unemployed and employed drivers is mandatory in most states and like the saying goes, “it’s better to have it and not need it, than the other way around.”

Allstate, GEICO and Progressive, as well as more information on how to save on car insurance for unemployed and employed drivers are waiting on AutoInsuranceMonitor.com which offers drivers a treasure trove of information on car insurance and lets drivers shop for insurers in their home state with just a click of the mouse.