Buying Car Insurance for a Day is Now Easy

Unthinkable years ago buying car insurance for a day is now as easy as a few clicks of your mouse away!

Savvy consumers know that buying one-day auto insurance was unthinkable a few years ago but consumers today are only a few clicks of a mouse away to having peace of mind before hitting the road even if it’s for only 24 hours.

More commonly known as short-term auto insurance or temporary insurance, one-day auto insurance is perfect for additional drivers that are visiting from out-of-town, lending a car to a family member or colleague or test driving that classic car you want to add to your fleet.

And although it may be tempting to drive uninsured even for a day, driving in the United States and most of Europe requires motorist to be covered with car insurance.

For example, driving in France without insurance could cost you thousands of euros and you could even have your vehicle confiscated. The cost of driving without insurance varies in the United States but could run from a fine up to $350 in Texas to $1,000 in California. That doesn’t include associated court costs which taken together far exceeds buying one-day car insurance. You may even lose your license so why take a chance by driving without car insurance?

Our friends across the pond can use the Internet to purchase one-day car insurance through several sites including Dayinsure, AA and Quotezone UK. American drivers may have a harder time buying insurance for a day through the Internet but should be able to purchase it through a local independent insurance broker.

One-day car insurance also offers you the same coverage and protections that long-term car insurance offers and being insured also protects you in the event of a car accident so don’t be short-sighted by driving uninsured even for one day.