Auto Insurance for Young Women

Young women auto insuranceIt is a well-known fact that women are better drivers then men. That is how auto insurance companies see it, although women may not possess as much driving expertise as their counterparts, still they are much safer drivers, hence benefiting from young women auto insurance. The statistical data proves it and the information is actively utilized when assessing any female car owner. Now, here is a dilemma since lady drivers are regarded as responsible and cautious while behind the wheel, however teens are reckless and aggressive on the road. Apparently the young age plays a far major role in evaluating the rate of the young women auto insurance then the gender.

Nonetheless young male drivers receive higher auto insurance rates than women of the same age group.  However recent social research conducted for Allstate Foundation contradicts the common belief that auto insurance for women under 25 must be cheaper. According to that census even though some young lady drivers admitted that they drive while talking over the phone or texting, tend to look at the rear mirror to check if the hair or make up is alright, go over speed limit by at least 10mph and even confessed that they are generally aggressive while driving, still they do not recognize themselves as a potential threat on the road. Majority of the young female drivers informed though the internet interview that they are confident in their driving skills, but feel uncomfortable and not safe while their friend or friends are driving. The increase in auto insurance quotes for women is inevitable as they tend to take more risks now to match men, but it is slow even though the gap is progressively narrowing down.

Here is a little bit extra information to all women. European Court of Justice raised an issue of men being discriminated for receiving significantly higher premiums for their auto insurance. Fortunately for women the legislation won’t take effect until year 2013 and there is no telling as to when it will reach USA. However it is worth mentioning as we can clearly see that unlike ten years ago, not only prices for women increased but certain actions are being taken to not just narrow the gap, but to shut it completely. If this law goes through young female drivers should expect a 30% increase in their monthly premium rates, generally making auto insurance for women under 25 essentially the same as for men.

To summarize everything that was mentioned above, one can see that there are some changes to be expected. Young women in their attempt to win over the gender equality start taking more risks, consequently resulting in tipping the scales of the statistical data and rendering them from being eligible for a lower young women auto insurance. So far young ladies can still benefit lower rates, but in a bout ten to twenty years a subject of gender discrimination being constituted will not bother both female and male drivers.

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