Auto Insurance for Women – Rates are Cheaper for Women Than Men!

In the ever ongoing battle of the sexes, women can notch another win in their belt as insurance rates for women are on average cheaper than they are for men.

Several factors involved in the difference are highlighted in a report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Some of the gender differences of the report include:

  • More men than women die yearly in motor vehicle crashes;
  • On average, men typically drive longer distances than women;
  • Men have riskier driving habits than women who are more inclined to use seat belts and drive slower.

So whether you drive a Pink Cadillac or a family station wagon, buying insurance online before you hit the road is as easy as a few clicks of your mouse and the Internet offers a gamut of options for all budgets and a quick and easy way to compare different quotes from multiple insurance providers.

For UK-based drivers there are even sites geared exclusively for women such as Women on Wheels and Sheilas’ Wheels.

For stateside women drivers, Internet sites such as Auto Insurance Monitor or NetQuote are your one-stop source for auto insurance for women and should be the first places to visit. Simply type in your zip code and you’re off. The benefit of sites like these is that they allow women drivers to get quotes on auto insurance from top insurance companies such as GEICO, Esurance, and Progressive.

The site will also match you with the top rated auto insurance companies in your state and they will allow you to make a comparison between auto insurance providers and find the cheapest rates.

You can not only buy your policy online, you can even print your insurance ID card without even having to start up your car.

So next time someone kids you for driving too slow, you can laugh all the way to the bank with the hundreds of dollars you save on insurance premiums making you truly a Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Woman.