Auto Insurance for Veterans is Easy With These Tips

Veterans of the Armed Forces know the risks involved when they volunteer for service whether it’s in the Air Force, Navy, Army or Marines. But regardless of why they served, their time in is rewarded with excellent benefits such as the G.I. Bill which helps pays for a college education or assistance with buying a home.

Outside of military assistance though, veterans also score big discounts on auto insurance and other special treatment from the USA’s car insurance providers. For example, American Family Insurance allows deployed military members to drop their auto insurance policy and reinstate a lapsed policy without penalty.

Additionally, auto insurance for veterans is much easier when veteran-friendly auto insurance companies like GEICO create a group specifically geared to assist veterans. GEICO’s Military Assistance Team, which is composed of prior service members and military retirees, was created for the sole purpose of making auto insurance for veterans and active duty military easy by assisting veterans navigate insurance programs, services and discounts.

Auto insurance for veterans is cheaper also when veterans are members of professional military organizations or associations such as the Association of the United States Army (AUSA), the Marine Corps League (MCL) or the National Military Family Association (NMFA) just to name a few.

And below are few more ways to save money on auto insurance for veterans whether they served in the Navy, Airborne or the Corp:

  • Keep it Boring – Insurance on a new Mustang is going to cost a lot more than insurance on a vanilla sedan so veterans should look at not only how much a car costs but also how much it will cost to insure. A car’s horsepower, body weight and type all play a factor on the premium’s price.
  • Keep it Even More Boring – Save even more money on auto insurance for veterans by going with a car that is unpopular to steal. Hot makes and models for stolen car rings will be more expensive to insure than those that aren’t. For example, popular pickup trucks from Ford and Chevy are hot with stolen-car rings that operate close to the American-Mexican border. So a veteran that lives in El Paso pays a higher premium on a popular pickup than a veteran in Madison, for example.
  • More Miles More Dollars – Auto insurance for veterans is cheaper for those that drive less so if a veteran is car-pooling, using mass transit more often than not, or simply not driving as much as before, they should let their insurance carrier know so their premium can be adjusted to reflect the change.
  • Credit Scores Affect Premiums – Those with very good or excellent credit ratings can expect higher savings on auto insurance for veterans than those with bad credit.
  • Multiple Policies Save Money – Auto insurance for veterans is cheaper when they insure more than one automobile with one auto insurance company or switch their home insurance policy to the one that covers their auto.
  • Save Money with Safety Features – One easy way to save money on auto insurance for veterans is by purchasing an automobile that is loaded with safety features like automatic seatbelts or all-wheel drive. Even environmentally-friendly cars such as hybrids can save big bucks on auto insurance for veterans.
  • Get Associated – Membership in professional associations such as AUSA, MCL or others such as the National Infantry Association (NIA) offers not only camaraderie but also discounts on auto insurance for veterans.
  • Shop Around – While loyalty is second nature to them, when it comes to auto insurance for veterans it pays to shop around. Veterans can potentially save themselves hundreds of dollars yearly by checking on how their current insurance provider compares against the competition.

And while many car insurance providers claim to be veteran-friendly, there are a few, such as American Family and GEICO, which consistently receive praise from veterans for their service and prices. Both can be easily located at AutoInsuranceMonitor which offers auto insurance for veterans, as well as a quick and convenient place to shop for coverage on autos and motorcycles from multiple providers.