Auto Insurance for Teachers

Savings are available on Auto Insurance for Teachers with this savvy guidance

The benefits of being a teacher are well known. Teachers enjoy a steady paycheck; they have lots of vacation time. And, of course, they have all the answers right? Of course they do! But teachers also enjoy another benefit they didn’t teach them about in college: Discounts; Lots and lots of discounts. And from everywhere!

From big-name bookstores offering them big discounts to school supply stores to museums and right down to the local computer store, teachers get lots and lots of discounts.

Major savings are even available on auto insurance for teachers.

Auto insurance for teachers is cheaper than other groups because insurance companies have deemed teachers to be averse to risk, prudent and even-keeled which translates into good driving habits and are therefore a lower risk to insure than a high risk group such as teenagers or drivers with lots of at-fault accidents.

Big savings are available through some of America’s major insurance providers which recognize the tireless work teachers provide in educating the Nation’s youth. Big name insurance providers that offer auto insurance for teachers include 21st Century, Farmers, and GEICO.

And auto insurance for teachers comes with big savings when teachers join professional educational associations. For example, members of the Texas Classroom Teachers Association (TCTA) get almost 8% off of their insurance premiums through their membership. And consumers don’t have to be math majors to know that is a good deal. GEICO offers discounts to dozens upon dozens of educational organizations to allow teachers to save big bucks.

And it isn’t just educators than can reap the benefits of savings offered on auto insurance for teachers. School administrators and even tutors can save through their professional affiliations.

Aside from professional organizations though, savings to auto insurance for teachers can also be attained with the guidance below for teachers, principals and school administrators of all levels:

  • Safety Equipment Saves More Than Just Lives – This is one way to save money without even trying to save by simply choosing a vehicle chock-full of safety options such as full-front air bags; anti-lock brake systems and daytime running lights can also help save money.
  • Protect Your Wheels – Another way to save on auto insurance for teachers is through either adding or buying a vehicle with an anti-theft system, which can save up to 25% of a premium.
  • Protect the Environment and Save $$ – Hybrids or green cars which cut down on emissions can also mean big discounts on auto insurance for teachers.
  • Know Your History – Staying accident free means seriously big discounts on auto insurance for teachers. For example, teachers with zero accidents for five years can knock off up to 25% of their costs through GEICO.
  • Forgive and Forget? – Rates for auto insurance for teachers won’t rise in case of an accident – even an at-fault one – through Accident Forgiveness which is offered through major insurance providers such as Progressive which won’t raise rates if teachers have had stayed accident free for at least three consecutive years.
  • Continuing Education – Completing a defensive driving class or driver’s education class means dollars knocked off of auto insurance for teachers.
  • Pile Up Policies – Auto insurance for teachers can be up to 25% cheaper by combining insurance policies for multiple cars with the same insurance company. Savings can also be attained by getting homeowners insurance through the same company.
  • Associations Also Save – Educators who are members or join professional groups or associations like The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics or National Science Teacher Association will automatically score easy discounts on premiums.

Auto insurance for teachers and teacher-friendly auto insurance companies such as GEICO, 21st Century Auto and Farmers Auto Insurance can all be found under one roof at insurance website The site gives teachers a convenient and simple site to comparison shop for auto insurance and also provides common auto insurance FAQs, consumer reviews and more.