Useful Advice on How to Save on Auto Insurance for Seniors

Senior Drivers love their Independence! Useful advice on how to save on Auto Insurance for Seniors

Seniors today are not just living longer they are living better thanks to advances in biomedicine, hormone replacement therapy, and education. In fact, according to the National Institute on Aging (NIA) the Nation’s population 65 and older is expected to double within the next 20 years as the Baby Boomer generation enters the realm of seniors.

Tempering the inevitability of graying hair and the changing of the magazine guard as the official AARP magazine replaces Cosmopolitan is the fact that businesses love to give seniors discounts. And while those discounts are steeped in history, going back to a time when most seniors couldn’t afford as much as everyone else, seniors today expect, even demand them, and businesses are more than happy to oblige.

From the early bird special at the local cafe to changing their oil at the corner lube joint, seniors enjoy a multitude of special deals so discounts from insurance companies onto auto insurance for seniors is simply par for the course.

Some major auto insurance companies won’t make drivers wait until they’re 65 to benefit from discounts on auto insurance for seniors though. GEICO starts offering discounts on auto insurance for seniors at age 50. And GEICO won’t raise policy premiums on auto insurance for seniors as they get older through their guaranteed renewal program.

And discounts on auto insurance for seniors are offered by many of the Nation’s big names in car coverage such as Farmers, Hartford Auto Insurance, GEICO and 21st Century.

Also, recent retirees know the benefits of membership in professional associations go beyond just networking as they also benefit from discounts on auto insurance for seniors. For example, National Association of Retired Federal Employees and the Alabama Retired State Employees’ Association members get discounts through GEICO, which offers sweet savings to almost 300 groups and associations. Members of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) also enjoy several specials rates for policies for auto insurance for seniors.

But whether a driver is 50 or 65, saving on auto insurance for seniors is easy with this useful advice:

  • Not Just a Get Together – Members of associations like the American Seniors Association (ASA) benefit from companionship and more. They get nice discounts on everything from food to auto insurance for seniors.
  • Play Defense – By taking an approved defensive driving course or driving education course seniors earn savings on auto insurance as well as become familiar with any new changes in traffic laws. An example of an approved defensive driving is one offered through the AARP.
  • Be Mindful of History – Drivers having no accidents for a certain number of years can save big on policies for auto insurance for seniors. For example, GEICO will reduce around 25% off coverage for seniors staying free of fender benders for five years; 21st Century will knock off 20%.
  • Multiple Coverage To Save – Insuring multiple cars through one instead of several car insurance companies ensure continued discounts on auto insurance for seniors.
  • Bundle Coverage – Streamline costs on auto insurance for seniors by combining home coverage and auto coverage with one company to ensure savings and convenience.
  • All Wheel Drive and More – Added discounts are available on cars equipped with safety features such as ABS systems or air bags.
  • Proactive About Theft – Protecting an auto with an ignition disabling device or some other anti-theft measure can save up big on comprehensive coverage.

Big savings on auto insurance for seniors can be achieved by following even a few of the tips above as well as sticking to senior-friendly providers such as Farmers, Hartford Auto Insurance and GEICO, which always rank high with seniors for unparalleled customer service and discounts. These and more senior-friendly insurance companies are all under one banner at which gives seniors a convenient site to compare prices as well as keep abreast of the latest developments regarding auto insurance.