Auto Insurance for International Students

Driving on the right isn’t the only thing different about driving in the U.S. International Students will also need Auto Insurance

International students coming to America often hear that the United States is a nation of laws and when it comes to traffic laws it’s no different, even if some of the laws are quite zany. For example, in the state of California it’s illegal to fire a weapon at a wild animal from a moving car, unless the target is a whale. And in Denver, driving a black car on Sundays is forbidden.

However one law that is pretty standard nationwide is the law requiring mandatory car insurance coverage. And while coverage amounts may vary depending on the state, all American states require a certain level of liability insurance protection. Auto liability coverage protects drivers from any damage they may cause to another driver or their property. Another law affecting international students is that in almost every state they will be required to surrender their driver’s license from their home country. This requirement also varies from state to state so international students should check with their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles before they start driving.

And while international students may not be feeling the love because of these mandatory laws one entity that will always show them some love is the auto insurance industry, especially if they are attending school full time and have average grades.

That’s because the auto insurance industry’s research shows that students that attend school full time and have good grades are mature and responsible which manifests into more responsible driving and therefore safer to insure.

But there are other tips for international students to keep auto insurance low:

  • Hit the Books – Some auto insurance companies offer what is known as a Good Student Discount to international students with a B average or above.
  • Hit the Books II – International students taking an approved driving course will not only learn more about their new home’s driving laws, they can also earn some savings on their insurance premium.
  • Not the Autobahn – Unlike some highways in Europe, there are no autobahns in America so international students should drive the speed limit in their state to steer clear of speeding violations which can quickly cause insurance premiums to rise.
  • Vanilla Over Sexy – Driving a boring sedan may not turn heads around campus but it goes far saving money on car insurance.
  • Savings in Numbers – International students who join certain technical or scientific groups can save on car insurance. For example, GEICO has partnered with almost 300 partner organizations to offer discounts and more on car insurance coverage.
  • Safety Features also save $$$ – Autos with safety features such anti-lock brakes or air bags will automatically earn discounts.
  • Minimize Driving – Taking the bus or walking when possible will also help international students keep premiums low.
  • Save on Premiums for Older Cars – Unless it’s a classic car, the older a car the less it’s worth so international students should see about trimming coverage to the bare minimum to save money.

International students should also be careful to seek insurance coverage from reputable companies and can use the Internet to shop for insurance coverage through one-stop international student-friendly insurance websites like which offers answers to frequently asked questions regarding insurance coverage, links to international student-friendly car insurance providers like AIG, GEICO and Progressive and more.