What Does Full Coverage Auto Insurance Cover?

Why You Need Cheap Full Coverage Auto InsuranceMost of the auto insurance company agents speculate that full coverage auto insurance is just state minimum liability coverage with collision and comprehensive coverage. That is not quite true, as it is not really a full coverage then. So what does full coverage auto insurance covers or should cover:

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

Collision and comprehensive always come hand in hand. First covers any kind of collision as the name suggests. Whenever the vehicle is damaged, auto insurance company is going to cover the repair costs with the exclusion of the deductibles. No matter whose fault the accident was, your carrier will still cover all the costs. As for the comprehensive, it covers pretty much all the damage to a car that was not sustained in a collision. That might be almost anything, starting with some thug destroying the, a tree falling on top of it or a hurricane passing by and totaling the car.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

When you buy auto insurance, you know exactly how it works. Someone hits you, their insurance is going to cover your damage, you hit someone and your carrier will have to handle the damage. Those are the basics, however if someone hits you and runs off or has no auto insurance this system is invalid. In first case there is nothing you can do, in second case you have to sue the person that hit you. With uninsured motorist coverage, your auto insurance is going to cover all of the medical and damage costs without having to go to court with an uninsured driver.

Liability Insurance Coverage

In case you found yourself involved in a car accident, certain procedures are in order. If your auto insurance can handle it, that is great. Nevertheless there is a chance that a person involved wants to sue you; there is nowhere you can go. That is where the liability insurance coverage comes in. They cover all of the legal fees, including paperwork and lawyer costs. And in case you lost the trial, your auto insurance is going to over whatever amount of money was demanded, and when the figure is atrociously large, you will be delighted that you have got that coverage.

These are three major points that every full coverage auto insurance must have. It covers any kind of damage with collision and comprehensive, protects you from uninsured and irresponsible drivers and assists with any kind of legal problems.