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State Farm Auto Insurance

State Farm Auto Insurance has been around since 1922 and earned first place in auto insurance in 1942.  State Farm Auto Insurance claims approximately one in four car owners as their auto insurance customers.  Out of those millions of customers, 80% say they would recommend State Farm Auto Insurance to their friends and family.

There are at least three reasons why State Farm Auto Insurance has so many satisfied policy owners.  The first reason is the longevity of the company.  The second reason is its outstanding customer service.  Last, but not least, is the value received for very competitive prices.

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After reading this article you will understand why State Farm Auto Insurance is the major auto insurance company in the US and investigate further if you are interested in becoming a part of this auto insurance company.

Company History

Founder, George Mecherle, started State Farm Insurance in 1922 for farmers and its policyholders owned the company.  He believed that farmers drove less and were less risky to insure and then offered farmers lower auto insurance rates.  State Farm Insurance later started offering home and life insurance.

State Farm Insurance places at number 22 in the top 25 firms in the Fortune 500 with 67,000 employees and 17,000 agents.  State Farm Auto insured forty million vehicles in 2005.  State Farm Auto Insurance has had 89 successful years insuring 25% of vehicle owners.  This fact alone generates huge confidence in State Farm’s ability to provide excellent auto insurance coverage to its customers.

Customer Service

Customers who have been with State Farm Auto Insurance for 25 years or more state they are completely satisfied with their auto insurance policies.  They feel they have received the best possible customer service over the years and would not trade their policies for policies that cost less.  Of course there are complaints about how State Farm Auto Insurance has handled claims for some customers.  Every company has satisfied and dissatisfied customers.

Competitive Rates

Many customers who have been with State Farm Auto Insurance for decades say that even though the company may not have the cheapest rates available they would not change to another company.  They are confident that the rates they pay are fair.  They also believe that the excellent customer service they receive is worth the price they pay.

Overall, State Farm Auto Insurance lives up to its slogan, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”