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Response Auto Insurance

About Response Auto Insurance…

A member of the Kemper Corporation, Response Auto Insurance dedicates itself to providing low cost car insurance to responsible and low-risk drivers. Since low-risk drivers file a lower number of claims, Response pays out less in benefits and can therefore pass on the savings to their customers.

Response Auto Insurance has the solid backing of Kemper which is a publicly-traded company with more than $8 billion in assets and several millions of policy holders.

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What the industry is saying about Response Auto Insurance…

Response has the substantial financial backing of Kemper whose Financial Strength Ratings received an Excellent (A-) rating by third-party financial analyst A.M. Best Company.

Choose Response Auto Insurance because…

It’s one of the best car insurance companies in the Nation for drivers that have gone the extra mile to keep their driving record or credit history squeaky clean and are rewarded with some of the lowest auto insurance premiums on the market.

Homeowner’s and renters insurance is also available through Response.

Discounts offered by Response Auto Insurance…

Although Response Auto Insurance already offers low risk drivers discounted premiums it also provides several other discounts they can take advantage of to maximize their savings.

Additional discounts include:

  • Defensive Driving Discount – Taking a defensive driving class helps make drivers more aware of driving hazards thereby making them a lower risk.
  • Multi-Line Discount – Combining a homeowners policy with an auto insurance policy earns drivers additional savings.
  • Teacher Discount – Current and retired teachers alike can earn a discount on their premium since they are deemed to be low-risk drivers.
  • Safety Equipment Discount – Vehicles equipped with safety features such as front air bags or side-impact air bags, automatic seat belts, or an anti-lock braking system (ABS) will earn drivers savings.
  • Low Mileage Discount – Taking the bus or car pooling means less driving so less risk of having an accident and may be rewarded with a discount.

What about their customer service and claims processing?

Customer service representatives are available through Response’s toll-free phone number and claims can be filed 24/7, 365 days a year through the Claims Call Center toll-free phone number or online.

Repairs done at any Response Auto Insurance-approved body or repair shop are guaranteed for as long as the vehicle is owned.