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NetQuote Auto Insurance

About NetQuote Auto Insurance…

Founded in 1989, in Denver, Colorado, NetQuote has gone on to become one of the Nation’s biggest insurance industry lead generation firm and one of the Internet’s most-visited insurance website.

Today, NetQuote processes over 600,000 insurance applications monthly and has revenues of more than $100 million.

In addition to offering visitors access to low cost car insurance quotes, NetQuote offers a plethora of insurance articles and tips on how to get the cheapest car insurance, guidance on how choose one of the many auto insurance companies available, advice on choosing the right coverage for you and more.

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What the industry is saying about NetQuote Auto Insurance…

The company was ranked #1 on this year’s TopTenREVIEWS List and the company was recently a finalist for one of the Best Places to Work in Colorado.

NetQuote Auto Insurance is a Better Business Bureau-accredited business.

Choose NetQuote Auto Insurance because…

Auto insurance quotes from more than 100 of the Nation’s top car insurance companies are available through NetQuote’s vast network of insurance agents and are easily obtained through NetQuote’s online application, which produces multiple car insurance quotes, compares the different coverages and plans, and chooses those that best fit a driver’s budget and requirements.

NetQuote offers consumers the opportunity to compare offers for business insurance, health and life insurance, home and renters insurance, and, of course, car insurance.

Discounts offered by NetQuote Auto Insurance…

While it is not an insurance company per se, NetQuote does offer consumers a wealth of guidance and tips on how to save on car insurance such as these nuggets below:

  • Consumers with solid credit pay less for car insurance – According to NetQuote, studies show a direct link between drivers with good credit and the low chance they will file an insurance claim and therefore one of the reasons that insurance companies check out a potential customer’s credit report. Additionally, a history of late payments shows that a driver may not pay their insurance premium on time either. Consequently, drivers with a less than stellar credit report should see a fall in premiums once they start bringing it back up to positive territory.
  • Shoppers buying serene sedans will pay less on car insurance than on a sports car – The Insurance Services Office created a rating system for every car on the market. The rating system goes from one to 27 and cars with a higher number are more expensive to insure. Therefore, drivers should search the insurance ratings online before buying a vehicle to get an idea of how much car insurance will cost them.
  • Drivers paying their auto insurance premium in installments may be paying more – For that reason, drivers should see if they can save money by paying their premium all at once rather than in payments.
  • Choosing a larger deductible typically leads to a lower premium because an insurer pays less when small claims arise, according to NetQuote – Thus, drivers can cut their car insurance premium by more than 10% by boosting their deductible from $250 to $500.

What about their customer service and claims processing?

Customer service representatives can be reached via email or through their toll-free phone number and claims-processing is handled through a customer’s selected car insurance company.