MetLife Auto Insurance Reviews

Just waiting for policy to expire!

by Rob J.

Met was offered through work so I switched over to them after reviewing the savings. And then I had an accident and the honeymoon was over. After getting hung up on four times I finally spoke to someone about my claim. Then after taking my car to one of their “approved” body shops the work was a total joke. And then for a no-fault accident they want to raise my insurance rate. Of course I called “customer service” and they weren’t very helpful. Needless to say I will be dropping them first chance I get.

Coverage: 3 Cost: 3 Customer Service: 3 Claims: 3

Like talking to wall

by Chris M.

had a claim with them and it seemed like it took forever to get anything done through them. Claims adjuster they sent was rude and they didn’t seem to keep us informed like other companies we’ve dealt with. Do not use.

Coverage: 2 Cost: 5 Customer Service: 2 Claims: 2

Good rates, terrible service

by Charles G.

I guess the saying about getting what you pay for is right with Met. Their insurance rates are pretty decent comparing but their agents and customer service can use some etiquette training. You could ask somebody a question on Monday, follow up on Tuesday and then you’ll get a completely different answer. It’s rather frustrating but the price keeps me with them however I’m crossing my fingers I never have a claim.

Coverage: 5 Cost: 4 Customer Service: 1 Claims: 2