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MetLife Auto Insurance

About MetLife Auto Insurance…

Founded in 1868 in New York, the company started off selling life insurance through a two-room office and six employees.

Today, MetLife is a Fortune 500 company with over 90 million customers around the world, offering them a wide range of insurance products including auto and home insurance, accident and health coverage and, of course, life insurance.

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What the industry is saying about MetLife Auto Insurance…

Third-party insurance analysts – A.M. Best, Fitch, Moody’s Investor Services and Standard and Poor’s – all give MetLife’s Financial Strength Ratings high marks so customers can be confident in their claim-paying abilities.

MetLife Auto Insurance gets solid marks from its customers on billing, policy offerings and pricing on this year’s J.D. Power and Associates National Insurance Study.

Choose MetLife Auto Insurance because…

As one of the top car insurance companies in the Nation, MetLife offers its auto insurance customers Identity Protection Services free of charge. The service help customers with filing police reports, putting in place fraud alerts with the major credit bureaus, free credit and fraud monitoring and free credit reports.

In addition to low cost auto insurance, MetLife customers can also purchase coverage for boats, homes, motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles, and personal liability insurance, and their GrandProtect policy package allows customers to put them all under one policy.

Customers can choose a six-month or yearly policy and with their flexible payment options customers can pay their premium upfront, monthly through automatic deductions from a bank account, by check or online through their website. They even accept snail mail payments.

Their car insurance coverage includes some rather unique features such as:

  • New Car Replacement if a driver’s new vehicle is totaled in its first year or 15,000 miles;
  • Major Parts Replacement pays for new tires, brakes and car batteries in case of an accident;
  • Legal Defense Costs are covered if a driver is sued after an accident and they’ll also cover lost wages;
  • Transportation Coverage pays for a rental after an accident and the charges are billed directly to MetLife;
  • Guaranteed Repair Program makes sure any repairs done at an approved body or repair shop is done well.

Discounts offered by MetLife Auto Insurance…

MetLife offers plenty of discounts for its customers to choose from including:

  • Good Student Discount – Reserved for students with high marks;
  • Safe Driver Discount – Rewards drivers that maintain a clean record;
  • Deductible Saving Benefit Discount – Every year a driver stays claim free knocks $50 off their deductible;
  • Multi-Policy Discount – Having a life or home insurance policy in conjunction with an auto insurance policy can earn drivers some savings;
  • Group Discounts – Available through a driver’s employer or group affiliation.

What about their customer service and claims processing?

MetLife’s customer service representatives, who also speak Spanish, can be reached 365 days a year, day or night via their toll-free number or email and customers can also check their account online, where they can manage their policies, pay their premium, and update their address.

Claims can be submitted via MetLife’s toll-free claims hotline or online as well and repairs are guaranteed through their network of approved repair and body shops.