Mercury Auto Insurance Reviews

Stupid is as stupid does?

by Christopher C.

OK so I got rear-ended by some idiot on the highway who was either drunk or asleep. The guy took off so it was a hit and run accident. I proceeded to call in the claim and the woman I spoke to was like incredulous as if this is the first time that ever happened. That was three weeks ago and they still haven’t paid my claim. The claims adjuster doesn’t look like he knows what he’s talking about and he clearly can’t figure out a phone or voicemail because he can’t return a call and I’m chasing him down Read More

Coverage: 2 Cost: 3 Customer Service: 2 Claims: 2

Not worth it

by Kimberly J.

Switched over to them because their rates at the beginning were lower than the big companies but all that changed once I had to file a claim for an accident that I did not cause. First of all I was told that my rates will not go up and second they told me that filing my claim would be no problem. It take for eternity to get anyone to call me back, they kept “missing” me even when I was waiting for them. Big joke! Lo and behold when my policy was to be renewed my rates went up by Read More

Coverage: 3 Cost: 3 Customer Service: 1 Claims: 1

Low rates, high hassle

by Walter W.

Everything is nice with them as long as you never need to contact them or you have an accident because they are quick to take the money and run. We had a billing question and just to get someone to call us back was almost two weeks. We were dreading having an accident and when it did we thought they would be difficult but this was absurd. The repair shop they “recommended” to us was simply horrible. For one it took longer than expected which put a crimp in our schedules and then the work they did was shoddy, shoddy, Read More

Coverage: 1 Cost: 1 Customer Service: 1 Claims: 1