Kemper Auto Insurance Reviews

I‘d recommend Kemper.

by Terry A.

Well, so far, I have had a great experience with Kemper. I didn’t run into any problems with my claim after I was involved in an accident. They took care of everything quickly and the service was good too. I’m with them because I get better rates than with other insurance companies.

Coverage: 4 Cost: 5 Customer Service: 4 Claims: 5

Cheap premiums with bad customer service!

by Beth S.

I pay extra for certain benefits/coverage, yet for some reason Kemper is trying to deny some of those benefits, even when my accident was deemed NOT my fault. I have the police report to prove it. The claims reps have been really rude and not helpful. I should have known that getting cheap premiums would get me bad customer service.

Coverage: 5 Cost: 5 Customer Service: 3 Claims: 3

Easy claims process!

by Jeremy P.

I was at fault for an accident last winter. I was lucky to have had good coverage by paying extra for it. I still think their rates are good. And I‘m not mad that my premiums went up a little bit, because the accident was my fault. . Thankfully I had good coverage. Everything was done and back to normal within three weeks. They aren’t the cheapest, but the coverage is really good and the customer service was great.

Coverage: 5 Cost: 4 Customer Service: 5 Claims: 5

Windshield is cursed

by Shea T.

I can’t explain it other than to say my windshield and windows love rocks. Since I’ve owned my Durango I’ve had three claims on my SUV for glass. They were able to repair the damages each time so I didn’t pay a deductible and it was easy to just call Kemper up, schedule a time and they send someone to my home or workplace. They worked around my schedule and it was just an easy and painless process.

Coverage: 5 Cost: 5 Customer Service: 5 Claims: 5

Stay away from them

by Tonya D.

Went to the local office with a friend because she had some business with her agent that seemed friendly enough so out of curiosity I checked on how much a policy would cost for my Toyota. It was less than I was paying already so when my policy was set to expire I went back to them and whoa! The price was more than my old insurance company. It was like a total bait and switch. They are so “professional” they couldn’t even tell me why the big price increase and I didn’t have any moving violations or any changes Read More

Coverage: 1 Cost: 1 Customer Service: 1 Claims: 1

Happy with the savings, service

by Simon V.

It was nice to go into an office and actually talk to someone about car insurance and if I have questions I’m not told to go to some website or read a pamphlet. But my agent also helps me save money. For example, she told me how to save money by raising my deductible. I think as long as I continue to receive this high level of customer service they will be my insurance company of choice.

Coverage: 3 Cost: 5 Customer Service: 5 Claims: 3