Fidelity Auto Insurance Reviews

Dont be fooled

by Eric F.

I was lured in by their prices which were some of the best I found but am definitely turned off by their unprofessionalism and very poor customer service. Had more than a few typos found on my insurance policy and when I called their customer service number I got the run around more than a few times. Either their people are poorly trained or they are unconcerned to a customers need.

Coverage: 1 Cost: 3 Customer Service: 1 Claims: 1

Good coverage, OK prices

by Samuel T.

They have been our insurance company for a few years now and can’t really complain about Fidelity. We’ve been tempted to jump ship but we know what we’re dealing with them already and we’re satisfied. Even when we had a claim they handled it without delay. I would recommend them to anyone.

Coverage: 4 Cost: 4 Customer Service: 4 Claims: 4

Treated me good

by Tom A.

Recently had the misfortune of having my second accident in two years and I was expecting to get hit hard on my auto insurance renewal rate but the damage wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. And both times they took care of me without any hassle. I could probably get a lower rate with some of the other more well known national companies but I think my rates would be more expensive. Loyalty pays and I think Fidelity recognizes and rewards that. Thanks.

Coverage: 5 Cost: 3 Customer Service: 5 Claims: 5