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Farm Bureau insurance

Farm Bureau Insurance Company (property and casualty), as well as the Western Agricultural Insurance Company, have a rating of an ‘A’, which is an excellent rating given to them by the A M. best company. This rating is the third-highest of all 16 ratings given out by the company. Farm Bureau Insurance Co. is also among the 55 insurance providers that have had a strength rating of at least an ‘A’ throughout the past 50 years. The company has maintained its rating through the years regardless of the trying economic hardships, or catastrophic forces of nature.

The strength of an insurance company, usually one to which you entrust your belongings, needs to be strong and secure. The Farm Bureau has over 70 years of strength and security. It does not matter what economic hardships may be present, Farm Bureau insurance promises to help protect your belongings.

Farm Bureau and the services that it provides originally developed in order to meet the needs of the members of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation. Since its founding Farm Bureau has grown to serve not only the rural populations, but also the urban population as well.

Farm Bureau is comprised of several different companies. Those companies are:

  • Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company– that offers life insurance and other annuity products in 15 Midwestern and Western states in America.
  • Farm Bureau Insurance Co. and Western agricultural insurance company–(property and casualty), which provide services in eight Midwestern and Western states of the United States.
  • FBL financial group Inc. is the main company of which Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company and Equitrust Life Insurance Company are subsidiary companies.

Farm Bureau Insurance writes policies for the following:

  • Automobiles and other vehicles
  • Liability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Home as well is property insurance
  • Farm and Ranch insurance
  • Other health insurance, LTC and DI
  • They also offer Farm Bureau members choice: which consolidates your entire insured property packages into a single package.

Along with this Farm Bureau also offers investment services, services especially for businesses, and even has their very own bank with banking services.