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Esurance Insurance

Esurance Insruance is a subsidiary of White Mountains Insurance Group, and trades on the stock exchange. Esurance Insurance is on offer in over 20 of the 50 United States. By using the internet and call centers, customer service is always available day or night and any claims are taken care of right away. For some people, the on-line world of Esurance Insurance is a bit overwhelming and intimidating. However, it is better for the clients because Esurance Insurance combines new technological advances with time-learnt understanding of insurance practices to deliver to the client the best experience possible. So that when ever you may need them, they will be easily accessible.

Why was Esurance Insurance created?

Esurance Insurance was created when it’s founder’s noticed that large numbers of indemnity customers were paying too much for coverage, and that true customer service was severely lacking. Therefore, when the dot-com era commenced they used it as pedestal for not only helping clients to lower their premiums but also to help the environment. They have planted more than 90,000 trees, and their close to paperless customer experience has saved thousands more.

They also implement practices to streamline workflow, which helps to provide the client with an individually customized policy easily and understandably. The management team is well versed in all indemnity matters and understands the importance of teamwork.

Since the company is almost totally on-line, there isn’t a middleman, this saves YOU money.

Esurance Insurance focuses on making all customers’ experiences unique and effortless. The company prides itself in being adjustable, acclimatizing, and realistic. They realize how a more sensible approach to auto insurance affects the clients positively and are always seeking new ways to improve upon their offered products and services. Currently Esurance Insurance offers not only automobile coverage but also home, life, health, renters/property, pet and specialty packages.

You can depend on Esurance Insurance. They have a strong financial standing. The A.M. Best, a company that ranks indemnity providers based on finances and service, rated the company as an A-, which is an excellent rating. White Mountains Insurance Group that has billions of dollars of assets and is a worldwide insurer also owns the company.