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Encompass Insurance

Encompass Insurance Company may be a provider which you’ve heard little about. They are however, a national company which serves over 1.3 million clients. They work with over 3,000 independent agents in order to bring their clients quality products and service.

Some of the regular products and services that are offered by Encompass Insurance Company include:

  • Auto, Motorcycle, and other recreational vehicle insurance
  • Home owner’s coverage
  • Home business coverage

Unique insurance packages and services that are offered by Encompass Insurance are:

The Universal Security Policy or USP – This gives the client extra discounts for simplifying their life by combining insurance policies. USP also helps to cover any areas in your policy that may not be covered under other insurance providers. This package has three coverage levels available, so that you will have the exact coverage level that you need.

  • Special – offers a bit more than basic
  • Deluxe – offers a bit more coverage than both basic and special.
  • Elite – offers more coverage than all of the packages.

Adjustment of your Universal Security Policy can be done if you wish to:

  • Add or remove coverage
  • Customize a payment plan

Your USP can be tailored to your individual needs, for assistance just ask your agent.

Identity Fraud – (not available in all states) is a continuous problem in today’s connected economy. Today, you not only have to watch out for people in your own area, but the world. The internet has changed the way identity thieves have access to your personal information. No matter how it happens Encompass Insurance is there for you. With this package you are covered up to a maximum of 20,000 dollars. This will help pay for expenses incurred from the theft of your identity. Other benefits of this package include the following:

  • Lost Wages–Encompass will pay you for a month of lost wages (no more than $500 dollars per week). You may need to meet with government officials, lawyers, or other individuals.
  • Loan Fees– When an agent has incorrect information about your finances a loan maybe rejected. In this case, Encompass has your back. They will pay for the new application.
  • Attorney Fees– as long as the fee is reasonable and is approved beforehand Encompass will help you get your life back.
  • Other Fees– Like notarization of documents, certified mail expenses and much more.