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Eastwood Insurance

Are you tired of all the insurance companies who have roots so long they are stuck in the past? Does your current provider not take enough risks? Would you like an insurer who isn’t afraid to take a chance?

There is a solution!

You need to check into Eastwood Insurance!

Eastwood Insurance was founded in 1989; it is a newer company that isn’t afraid of taking a chance. Eastwood Insurance is widely known for its commercials, but thrives on providing affordable high-risk insurance. Eastwood Insurance is a major indemnity provider who has grown rapidly since its birth. Today, Eastwood offers a wide range of products like:

  • Automobile
  • Homeowner
  • Commercial Coverage

Eastwood Insurance Offers You a Chance

Eastwood Insurance mainly concentrates on providing affordable non-standard auto insurance coverage. Non-standard auto insurance is also known as high-risk insurance. High-risk insurance is usually expensive; sometimes even double the average costs. The company has always prided itself on providing satisfactory low premium automotive, homeowner, and commercial coverage to its policy holders.

Eastwood Insurance has expanded rapidly. In fact, in 2007 Eastwood Insurance was purchased by Titan. Eastwood Insurance is currently offered in many states across the nation including: California, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, and Florida.

Individuals who are looking for an affordable high-risk insurance premium most likely will find the right deal through Eastwood Insurance.

You don’t have to settle for a provider who won’t take a risk insuring you. Some companies are so afraid of taking a risk that they’ll even cancel coverage for long time clients! No one deserves to be treated that way. Eastwood Insurance is here for you. If you’ve recently purchased a motorized vehicle of any sort, a home or condo, even commercial fleets Eastwood Insurance is worth checking out.