Eastwood Auto Insurance Reviews

Good price! Better Service!

by Karl

I’m a new driver and these is my first car insurance policy. I went to them because of the prices but I’m more pleased with the service. I went into their office a rookie and I came out a veteran. Thanks for the knowledge.

Coverage: 4 Cost: 4 Customer Service: 4 Claims: 4

Eastwood took a chance when nobody else would!

by Gabe

After getting the door slammed on me at three other insurance companies my neighbor said he would bet me that Eastwood can hook me up. Sure enough they were able to get me car insurance at a decent rate. They were cool and I was relieved they could take care of me. No hassles and no fuss. Nice.

Coverage: 5 Cost: 3 Customer Service: 5 Claims: 3

Thanks a ton from this satisfied San Jose road warrior.

by Charles

I got that warm fuzzy feeling when I found that Eastwood takes care of those of us with “dented” driving records. I’ve had a “few” tickets before so it was hard finding insurance that didn’t break the bank! They are affordable (I wouldn’t say cheap though). Never had a claim so we’ll blow that bridge when we get there. But it is good to know someone out there is looking out for us bad boys.

Coverage: 5 Cost: 3 Customer Service: 4 Claims: 3