Maybe a little more than some but you get what you pay for.

We have had to file two major claims with Chubb for our home – one for hurricane damage while living in Texas and another for water damage to our California home from a leaking washing machine. Both involved major water damage, mold restoration, repairs, etc. I cannot say enough good things about the claims agents that helped us both times, and all the service people they recommended for our work. They recommended top notch professionals for hardwoods, sheetrock, painting, plumbing and more, even though the costs of these professionals would be more expensive than others available. They suggested we move out for repairs and paid for moving expenses, storage, rental and more. They did not disagree with any of our claims and also found some things that we hadn’t thought of (post work air duct cleaning for example). Just stellar service with our claims, which is of course what you are paying for. If you really want to feel secure with your insurance I would not go with anyone but Chubb. (This was completely unsolicited… I was simply looking online for a Good Student discount form for our policy and came across this site.)

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5 out of 5