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Amica Insurance

You know you need insurance. Some form of auto insurance is required by every state in the United States today, and home/ property insurance is planning for the worst. You still don’t have the coverage that you should. Why?

When you signed up with your current insurance provider, you went with which premium that they told you was the correct fit for you. You still have questions and in the back of your mind still wonder if that was the correct package for you.

You should get a second opinion! Get it from Amica Mutual Insurance, also known as Amica.

Amica Mutual Insurance (Amica) is committed to making certain that your assets are protected, and you are adequately covered at the lowest feasible rate.

Amica offers auto, homeowners, marine, excess liability, personal umbrella liability coverage, and life insurance and sells premiums in all states, except for Hawaii.

By becoming a policyholder with Amica Insurance you will receive the highest quality service possible. Have your customer service expectations exceeded with access to the highest industry standards in the nation.

Over 33% of Amica insurance policyholder’s have been with Amica for over 20 years. They know that Amica is the oldest insurance provider with the most experience and dedication to the policyholder. Amica Insurance pays attention to every detail and works with you to get the most out of your insurance experience no matter what type of coverage you purchase. You know that Amica is there for you!

Amica Mutual Insurance Company first launched in 1907. Since then Amica has expanded by leaps and bounds, adding several subsidiary companies into the Amica insurance family. All uphold one common desire to provide you with great customer service and make sure you are fully satisfied.

Amica Insurance‘s teams of representatives are dedicated to getting the best possible policy for you at the lowest possible price. At Amica insurance teamwork is a valuable tool, representatives are trained to deliver the very best on both ends of the teamwork spectrum so that your experience is the very best.

Regardless of whether you decide to ensure your car, home, or even your life, Amica Insurance is there for you with the best insurance package at the lowest cost. Amica is here to serve you.