Allstate Auto Insurance Reviews

Many years, higher rates

by Ryan Mackey

After being treated really good for many years, my agent suddenly left the insurance business. In the process of finding a new agent, my rates on home owner have nearly doubled, and my auto just jumped $300 due to "New rating policies in my state". Well, b-bye... I've never had a claim, but I guess they don't care, somebody has to pay for all the ads I see running day and night. Time to find an insurance company that doesn't spend millions in advertising, cause the ads sure aren't helping me save money.

Coverage: 4 Cost: 3 Customer Service: 3 Claims: 0

Im in Allstates good hands….is that bad?

by Jenna

Since I started driving myself 7 years ago and I am pleased. Their prices are good, their website is loaded with information and when I had my windshield cracked driving on the interstate I was hesitant to call the insurance people because I didn’t want the higher rates and all that but I my husband urged me to call and they sent someone to the clinic to repair it. Saved me time and hassle. I haven’t experienced any rate increases or anything. Kudos Allstate!

Coverage: 4 Cost: 4 Customer Service: 5 Claims: 5

Never thought it would happen to me but Allstate made it all good.

by Sue

So I went to the supermarket on the weekend and when I came out the passenger side door of my little car looked like a Transformer kicked it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any witness and it was a stressful experience. But the Allstate folks helped guide me to a successful conclusion and they were with me every step of the way. I would rate them high on how they handled the situation and I most definitely always recommend them to my friends and family.

Coverage: 5 Cost: 4 Customer Service: 5 Claims: 4

Their “good hands” are in my wallet but its OK

by Victor

I really can’t say they’re the absolute cheapest and we’ve been with them for 10 years but the few claims we’ve had they have been very responsive and easy to work with. Anyone who has had the misfortune of dealing with an adjuster knows what I mean! And they offer enough discounts to be competitive on their rates. I could switch but really don’t think the hassle would make it worth it and who knows how the next insurance company will be to work with. Your thoughts?

Coverage: 5 Cost: 3 Customer Service: 5 Claims: 5