AARP Auto Insurance Reviews

If you are 50+ they are for you. Discounts and low premiums

by Dwayne

We’re on fixed income so AARP really helps out the 50+ people and my wife and me could not expect anything better.

Coverage: 5 Cost: 4 Customer Service: 5 Claims: 3

I was a little nervous about switching but AARP treated me like family

by Frances

They make it convenient to switch over and easy to pay through the automatic payments. I have been with them and had one claim in four years and the man they sent out to look at my car was very nice. The fee to join is not too pricey either.

Coverage: 5 Cost: 5 Customer Service: 5 Claims: 5

I’m over 50 and I’ve got the discounts to prove it!

by Beverly

Not really the type of person that brags about stuff but I am really impressed with all the discounts and the good customer service I get through AARP. From the restaurants (yeah landry’s!) to replacing my windshield. Great job to all!

Coverage: 5 Cost: 3 Customer Service: 5 Claims: 3