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AAA Auto Insurance

About AAA Auto Insurance

Formed in 1902 in Chicago as the American Automobile Association it was initially formed to advocate for better roads across the country and was originally comprised of nine motor clubs with a membership of approximately 1,500.

In 1905 saw the production of road maps courtesy of AAA; hotel guides followed in 1917.

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Today, AAA’s membership just in North America is more than 50 million and it has over 900 AAA club offices worldwide.

In America there are 69 independent clubs and members receive emergency travel assistance, towing, free road maps, as well as low cost car insurance.

What the industry is saying about AAA Auto Insurance

AAA Auto Insurance ranks #10 on the latest Top 10 list from Top 10 Reviews.

Insurance analyst A.M. Best gives AAA Auto Insurance a superior mark on its Financial Strength Ratings so drivers can be sure the insurance they’re buying is solid and AAA will be there for them if needed.

Choose AAA Auto Insurance because…

Insuring your car with AAA Auto Insurance also makes you a member of their auto club which provides some pretty unique features such as travel guides, touring guides and plenty of discounts at hotels and restaurants, in addition to low cost auto insurance. It’s estimated that discounts can be had at over 150,000 locations across the Nation.

Other special features that make AAA Auto Insurance one of the top car insurance companies in the Nation is their extensive network of AAA-approved car repair shops, as well as the feature they’re most famous for – roadside assistance. Through their AAA Battery Service drivers can even have their car battery replaced on the scene. And any work done at an AAA-approved is guaranteed for as long as the driver owns the car.

AAA also offers members personal umbrella coverage, homeowners and renters insurance, life insurance, boat insurance and Mexico travel insurance.

They even allow drivers to buy coverage for their favorite pet in case they are hurt in a traffic accident.

Other special features include the option of replacing a new vehicle if it’s totaled in the first year of full-coverage or keeping a rental as long as needed with their extended rental coverage.

Discounts offered by AAA Auto Insurance Auto Insurance.

AAA Auto Insurance offers drivers a plethora of discounts including those for multiple vehicles or multi-policy, for example home/ auto, auto/ boat or auto/ renters insurance.

They also offers some unique discounts such as their Verified Mileage Discount for drivers that provide their car’s odometer reading when requested, the Garage Parking Discount for keeping a covered car garaged or even the Paid In Full discount for paying a car’s entire premium at once instead of in payments.

What about their customer service and claims processing?

AAA Auto Insurance established a phone center exclusively to deal with claims and its claims representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Their network of AAA-approved repair shops through their Immediate Repair Program provides drivers peace of mind that any repairs needed will be of the highest quality.

Depending on the state, AAA Auto Insurance customers may also be able to access the AAA Accident Assist program which is automatically included with their policy. Some of the features of this program include sending a tow truck to the scene of the accident, contacts family members, if requested, even arranges a rental vehicle, if covered.