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21st Century Insurance

21st Century Insurance is the seventh largest personal insurance provider in California’s automotive sector. They insure over 1.5 million automobiles nationwide.

21st Century Insurance, originally named 20th Century Insurance, is a subsidiary of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies. The Farmer’s Insurance Group is the third largest personal insurer in the country. 20th Century Insurance was founded by Lewis W. Foster in 1958.

21st Century Insurance offers: homeowners insurance, renters insurance, mobile home insurance, specialty homeowners insurance, personal umbrella, classic auto and motorcycle insurance, flood or earthquake coverage, family builders, personal watercraft, and auto mechanical breakdown insurance. 21st Century Insurance also offers a full range of insurance coverage so that your family will be protected in case of an emergency. It doesn’t matter where you live; they are here to help protect you.

Available insurance packages vary from state to state. Call your local agent to see what is available in your area.

With an insurance policy from 21st Century Insurance, you receive better insurance coverage than our competitors and at a better price.

At 21st Century they offer additional services and a wide variety of cost saving discounts to each of their policyholders for FREE!

Most policyholders’ are so impressed by our service to them that they refer their friends. That is because 21st Century Insurance is committed to saving you money.
Great customer service and intelligent insurance agents make learning about different insurance policies getting and your questions answered easy and fast. 21st Century listens to its customers and grows with their changing needs.

Customers are able to access their rates, coverage and have access to quotes any time of the day or night, by logging into their online account.

21st Century Insurance is consistently a top affiliate program in the Personal Insurance category, and they produce one of the highest EPC returns out of all insurance providers in the United States.

See for yourself why so many people are switching from their current insurance providers to 21st Century Insurance by getting your free insurance quote today. Step into the 21st Century and be rewarded.