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21st Century Auto Insurance

About 21st Century Auto Insurance

Formerly known as 20th Century Insurance, 21st Century has been a stalwart in the car insurance industry for over five decades when it was founded by Louis W. Foster as an inter-insurance exchange, working mostly in California. Today 21st Century provides affordable car insurance to drivers in 48 states, including the District of Columbia.

21st Century Insurance was later bought out in 2005 by insurance giant AIG. Four years later it was sold to Farmers Insurance Group, which is the third largest insurer in the Nation.

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3 out of 5
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3 out of 5

What the industry is saying about 21st Century Auto Insurance

The ratings experts at recently rated 21st Century as one of the best car insurance companies in America.

21st Century is no fly by night car insurance company! Its Financial Strength Ratings and its Issuer Credit Ratings are excellent according to the latest A.M. Best’s Rating Center, which means they have the resources to pay out any claims and they’re going to be around for a long time so don’t worry about them going anywhere or not paying out a claim.

And 21st Century is a little like Goldilocks on pricing according to the latest J.D. Power and Associates National Insurance Study – not too hot and not too cold but just in the middle.

Choose 21st Century Auto Insurance because…

They offer everything coverage on everything from antique cars to jet skis and everything in between to include personal umbrella insurance which helps protect a family’s assets.

21st Century allows busy customers to handle their policy with ease through their new iPhone app which lets customers pay for their premium, file a claim, access insurance videos and articles and much more.

Customers are also automatically enrolled in the select 21st Century Security Advantage program for free. The program gives drivers a trio of awesome benefits:

  • Identity Theft Restoration which assists drivers if their identity is stolen;
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance providing towing, fuel refill and more;
  • 24 hour Travel and Medical Assistance helps in case of a medical emergency or helps with auto rentals, hotel reservations and more.

Discounts offered by 21st Century Auto Insurance …

Plenty! Here are just a few…

21st Century recognizes students that strive to be the best in the classroom by offering a Good Student Discount to high-schoolers and college students that make it on to their school’s Dean’s List or achieve the requisite GPA.

Drivers can also qualify for a Defensive Driver Discount via the completion of a state-recognized defensive driving class.

Safe Driver Discounts can be had for drivers with squeaky clean driving records and Multi-Vehicle Discounts are available when drivers cover multiple autos on a single policy.

What about their customer service and claims processing?

21st Century is the real thing when it comes to customer service having just been recognized for the fifth straight year by J.D. Power and Associates for Providing an Outstanding Customer Service Experience.

And their HelpPoint Claim Services is setting the bar for auto claim services by staffing it with more than 12,500 claims representatives working 24/7 to provide award-winning customer service.

Their nationwide network – the Farmers Direct Repair Program – has more than 2,500 repair shops around the country and their work is guaranteed for as long as the driver owns the repaired car.

21st Century also provides their claims reps with GPS-equipped cars to make sure they find where they need to be.