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Do You Need Auto Insurance?

American drivers know there is no getting out of it and carrying auto insurance is the law of the land with all 50 states having some sort of mandatory liability or financial responsibility requirement.

Although it seems like an unneeded expense, keeping your car insured helps drivers avoid the varying penalties found across the Nation, ranging from steep fines of to $500 in some states to having your car impounded and even going to jail in the case of repeat offenders.

But driving with auto insurance also protects your money and assets from litigation happy drivers or potential lawsuits in the unfortunate event of a car accident resulting in major injuries or even death. And car insurance, depending on the coverage you choose, can protect you and your assets whether you were at fault or not in a car accident. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to risk bankruptcy to save a few dollars.

And car insurance is absolutely necessary to protect a financed or leased car which a driver will still be liable for even if it is stolen or totaled in a car wreck. Often times a bank or leasing company will require that drivers purchase car insurance as a qualification of financing.

What You Need to Obtain Cheap Auto Insurance

Wouldn’t it be nice to visit one website to find answers to oft-asked car insurance questions? Or what if you were moving to a new state and you wanted to see what car insurance changes await you? What about comparison shop for cheap auto insurance from some of the major auto insurance companies in America?

You can do that here at Auto Insurance Monitor. We are the epitome of an auto insurance website with our insightful and comprehensive Insurance Information Center and our easy to navigate website, we can assist you find low cost auto insurancewhether you’re in the Lone Star State all the way to the Sunshine State. Want to find cheap auto insurance for your classic car? We can help you! Want to learn how to save on cheap auto insurance for students? We can help you there also!

In fact, no matter what state you call home you are just a few clicks of your mouse away from articles on savvy auto insurance tips on everything from how to save on cheap auto insurance for teenagers to links to the top auto insurance companies in all 50 states.

Getting Low Cost Auto Insurance

Just as there so many options to coverage available, there are also many options drivers can use to getting low cost auto insurance through America’s top-ranked auto insurance companies and they can either call, talk, mail or click their way to low cost auto insurance.

Old-school drivers that prefer the personal touch of human interaction to get cheap auto insurance quote and don’t mind paying a fee, an insurance broker may be what they’re looking for. Typically working out of a brick and mortar office, brokers are like free agents in that they represent several auto insurance companies and will look at multiple quotes from more than one auto insurance companies to get the best deal on cheap auto insurance. They will call around on a driver’s behalf, fill out forms and anything else that needs to happen to get help drivers make an informed decision to get the best low cost auto insurance available.

Unlike a broker though, insurance agents work for only one not many auto insurance companies and only look at cheap auto insurance rates within the company they represent instead of many to get drivers the best available cheap auto insurance. While there may be no explicit fee, agents are still like middlemen so their fee may be included in the rate they provide drivers.

The insomniacs out there or drivers that can’t tell the difference between the shift key and power button on their computer will be happy to know that many of America’s auto insurance companies offer fully-staffed call centers with toll-free numbers that are open 24/7 for them to get quotes on low cost auto insurance.

However, for drivers that prefer to check for low cost auto insurance while they check the latest sports scores, a quick search through a search engine will turn up a plethora of cheap auto insurance websites with links to auto insurance companies that offer a driver the ability to compare multiple insurance quotes easily.

How Auto Insurance Monitor can Help You?

And that is what we try to do by helping drivers get cheap auto insurance quotes at Auto Insurance Monitor. We provide drivers everything they need to eliminate the middleman, make an informed decision free of any pressure and save money on cheap auto insurance. Simply type in your zip code and you’re on the way to comparing multiple quotes in only five minutes. It’s simple, quick and, best of all, free.